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Evan Mallory Is Officially A Bearcat

On of the Cincinnati Bearcats most important commitments in the class of 2015 is also one of the largest. Indiana native Evan Mallory is a massive 6'5" 305 pound interior lineman who comes to the Bearcats from IMG Academy by way of Brownsburg, Indiana.


  • 6'5" 305
  • Offensive Line
  • IMG Academy


Quick Take

From a measurement point of view Evan Mallory is kind of the perfect fit for a modern interior lineman. He is above average with his height and weight numbers for the position. At tackle he would be considered slightly below average physically, but the fact that he will play guard at the next level means that he is actually a bit above average.

As a junior, which is what the above video is from, Mallory alternated between tackle and guard. When he got to IMG academy in Bradenton, Florida Mallory was strictly a guard. That year in Bradenton is kind of fascinating for his development. I haven't heard much in the way of negative feedback about the coaching that goes on there. But this is the first year where there will be a widespread injection of kids who have been through that system.

If the coaching at IMG was as good as I think it is Mallory can be a bit of a fascinating case study. Typically it is extremely difficult for a true freshman to come in an contribute at an offensive line position. It's not just the physical challenges, but the mental ones. The only position that is more complex than offensive line is quarterback, and throwing a freshman into that fire isn't usually a good idea, but Mallory could be different

There are a couple of reasons for that, One is that playing guard Mallory would have physical help to either side, and direction from Deyshawn Bond and one of the tackles to help him decipher what the defense is doing. Physically he could probably hold is own in one on one match ups with older players because he has the tools; the quick feet, the flexibility and explosiveness. Plus he had the IMG experience, which I think will count positively for him. That and the fact that he enrolled early and will be a part of spring practice gives him a better chance than any freshman lineman to come before him.

Personally I still think he takes the red shirt because it will be better for his development, that and the Bearcats seem to have a bit of depth at guard heading into 2015.

Regardless, welcome to Bearcat Nation Evan