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Frank Labady Is Officially A Bearcat

Nearly two years after committing to the Bearcats Frank Labady is finally on the University of Cincinnati's campus and is ready to play receiver for Tommy Tuberville.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


  • 5'7" 165
  • Wide Receiver
  • Milford Academy; New Berlin, New York


Quick Take

It has taken a long time for Frank Labady to get to Cincinnati, but he is finally on campus nearly two years after committing to the Bearcats way back in February of 2013. Labady spent last year at a prep school in New York, getting his grades right and getting acquainted with his college position, wide receiver.

What I like most about Frank Labady is that he is just about as Miami as it gets. He has the swag yes, yes he is fast, and  but most of all he is tough as hell and fearless as a 5'7" 170 pound guy can be playing this game. I think that a red shirt is in Frank's future, but he is the kind of player that I really tend to love.

Welcome To Bearcat Nation Frank