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Idarius Ray Is Officially A Bearcat

The biggest area of need in the class of 2015 for the Cincinnati Bearcats was the offensive line. They have addressed that need with a handful of prospects and the biggest of the bunch is Los Angeles Valley College offensive lineman Idarius Ray.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


  • 6'5" 310
  • Offensive Line
  • Los Angeles Valley College; Van Nuys, California


Quick Take

Idarius Ray is a massive human being, that much goes without saying. But the key to successful offensive line play is not size alone, technique matters, quickness matters and the capability for explosive movement matters. When Ray committed we did a big piece on his potential as a possible starter or contributor at guard or maybe even tackle.

All of the points made in that still stand. His potential is immense because he has so many gifts physically, but for him to capitalize on those he has a lot of work to do. He was seriously under coached when it comes to the passing game. He is essentially starting from scratch from a technique standpoint, which is the bad news. The good news is that Ray is an early enrollee and thus already on campus and taking part in the Bearcats off season conditioning program. Even more importantly he will be eligible to participate in spring practice which will go a long way to telling us if Ray can contribute this year, or if he will require a red shirt like Sione Tongamoa and Hakeem Allonce did last season.