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Linebacker Marcus Tappan Arrested For Breaking and Entering

Does it ever end.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

First it was Hosey Williams way back in September. Then last week it was Jarred Evans. Now it is Marcus Tappan who celebrated the Bearcats win on Friday night by getting blato on Saturday night and engaging in some low level felonious activity.

Marcus Tappan, a sophomore linebacker for the Bearcats, was stopped during a breaking and entering investigation and displayed behavior "consistent with being intoxicated," Hamilton County Municipal Court documents show.

So it seems that the go to celebration move among UC's JUCO transfers is to drink until drunk and then go cause trouble. That is certainly how it is being reported by the local media. In the main this kind of stuff happens at colleges across the country. Its not endemic to Cincinnati, which might be a surprise.

As per usual there are a handful of nut jobs who are calling for Tommy Tuberville's head over this. Those people are insane, but you knew that. As coaches all you can do is try to recruit guys who you, and your staff, feel are solid people, and hope they make good decisions. At the same time you know that won't always happen, but what has happened is beyond the norm.