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Tuberville Expects Gunner Kiel To Play Against Tulane

Given how much toughness Gunner Kiel has displayed through the last month or so it shouldn't be remotely surprising that Gunner will play.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

But as per usual Tommy Tuberville has not made up his mind on a starter re: Gunner Kiel vs. Munchie Legaux. Gunner would be my favorite to start because he is just better, but at the same time the coaching staff wants to be careful in limiting the opportunities for contact that Gunner Kiel gets.

That could manifest itself in a much shorter leash in terms of taking Gunner out. Remember Kiel played just a half of football against SMU before Tommy Tuberville and Eddie Gran decided to call it a day. If the Bearcats get into position where they have a secure lead early in the second half I would expect Gunner to take a seat.

That is by no means guaranteed to happen against the Green Wave. Tulane has not cashed in on turnovers as relentlessly as they did a year ago in riding a veritable avalanche of takeaways to a top 30 finish in defensive S&P+. This year they rank 73rd in defensive S&P+, but their secondary remains a strength.