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2014-15 Player Preview: Ge'Lawn Guyn

After three years in the Cincinnati program, Ge'Lawn Guyn's been a part of quite a few wins. His toughness on the court seems like a direct extension of his head coach.

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After spending the entire 2013-14 season in the starting lineup, Ge'Lawn Guyn enters his senior year anxious, I'm assuming, to extend his streak of games started. Given the amount of talent on this year's roster, though, that's no guarantee. In fact, lots would argue it's likely "G" - as he's so eloquently called by those close to the program - won't start a majority of games this season.

Name: Ge'Lawn Guyn

Height: 6-2

Weight: 185 lbs

Class: Senior

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Jersey Number: 14

I can't imagine Ge'Lawn Guyn knew he'd become such a divisive debate topic throughout Bearcat nation last year. And while he started every game for Mick Cronin during his junior campaign, he only average 19 minutes a game - putting him 7th on the team in terms of minutes played (a hair behind Troy Caupain).

Guyn wasn't the best offensive player on the squad. Okay - that's being nice. As Matt pointed out this spring, he posted the second-worst offensive rating of all rotational players on last year's team.

If there's one thing Guyn has in his corner, though - his trump card - it's the fact that he's the best returning defensive player on a young Bearcats squad this year. And, yeah, coach Cronin tends to value defense over everything else. I can't imagine Mick tossing aside Guyn's on-ball defense and three years of experience.

Plus, when it comes to offense, G's not a terrible spot-up shooter; over 90% of his made three-pointers came on catch and shoot opportunities last year.

So what can we expect this year?

I think you'll see more of the same. The good (and bad, depending on your side of argument) is that we have three years of evidence as to what Ge'Lawn Guyn brings to this program. Toughness. Defense. Experience. All hallmarks of Cincinnati basketball.

But this is the year we'll see Caupain overtake Guyn at the point guard spot. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see both Troy and G out of the floor at the same time early this year (as I alluded to in Caupain's player preview). Maybe that's just my own internal "passing of the torch"...

Ge'Lawn is what he is, though - and that's not terrible. But it's not overwhelmingly great, either. His offense will be improved (especially his woeful 54% free throw shooting), but I think Troy takes a big step this year and supplants Guyn as the starting point guard this year - ending his streak of games started.

And I'll bet G's fine with that; he's an experienced, team-oriented guy willing to do whatever it takes to win - which will make him a valuable part of the 2014-15 team.