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Bearcats Game At Connecticut Will Kickoff At 8, Be Aired On CBS Sports Network

Another late start for the Bearcats, prefer this to the never ending string of noon kickoffs from last year.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

With the Bearcats game being broad cast this late there is a positive outcome to be had, UC will know exactly where they stand in the conference race. UCF will take on SMU at noon with Memphis hosting South Florida in a game that will kickoff at 4 PM. In fact both of those games will be broadcast on ESPNews. In the most likely scenario both Memphis and UCF will win, one would expect both of them to win handily, but college football defies certainty at every turn.

Regardless, barring an absolute catastrophe for the Knights and Tigers, the Bearcats have to beat a UConn team that is really struggling right now. The Huskies were able to unseat the offensively challenged Knights thanks in large part to four turnovers from UCF that ended up providing the winning margin. But they followed that potentially landmark win with a collapse against Army. UC has for the most part  had their way with the Huskies, winning 8 of 10 with an average margin of  31 to 25. We will see if that trend continues later this week.