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Bearcats at UConn Gamethread

This game is perfectly positioned one for the Bearcats. UConn is an improving team, one that has had to be rebuilt from the ground up in the image of Bob Diaco. They are capible of a shock result, UConn is the only reason why Central Florida is not sitting alone at the top of the AAC standings this week, but the Bearcats are a bad match up for the Huskies.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The run that the Bearcats have been on over the last month has been enough for them to capitalize on the mistakes and missteps of the other programs in the AAC and get themselves back into the conference race. That was the hard work, now the Bearcats have to continue their run as the stakes raise and the temperature drops.

Historically November has been a good month for the Bearcats. Since the start of the Brian Kelly era in 2007 the Bearcats are an outstanding 20-6 in the month of November. For this team to join the ranks of recent conference champions that is going to have to continue.

It has to continue tonight in a venue that has given the Bearcats all kinds of issues in the recent past. The hope is that the 2012 game, which the Bearcats dominated would reverse some of the bad vibes associated with the Rent, but you never know. This is a different team, a younger team, one that is trying to make a name for themselves after a brutal start. Continuing this winning streak is a great way to start.