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DtD's Nippert Stadium Construction Update for November: It's Happening

All hail Bob Marton!

Not even daylight savings time can stop Down The Drive's monthly update to construction at Nippert Stadium! It can push it back a few days, however.

The speed of progress made on the new structure has been pretty remarkable. We're now seeing framing of the top floors of the new pressbox nearly complete, aside from the cantilevered section on the north end(aka Prez Ono's lair) that will overlook Bearcat Plaza. Tim Adams over at Bearcat Journal spoke with UC's Associate Director of Development for Leadership Gifts, Brad Okel, about how club seat sales are progressing so far.

As for the side that we'll actually be allowed to enter, we're finally seeing progress on the east concourse improvements. The stairs up to Herschede-Shank Pavilion are all gone and those on campus should see the gutting of this area continue.

Since UC apparently has no concern for our stadium journalism, here's the last update video from a few weeks ago. Geez, thanks for nothing, Tom. We're still good, Bob.