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Jamaree Strickland Transferring

From suspended to transferring; Bearcats center Jamaree Strickland is gone.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Redshirt freshman center Jamaree Strickland will be playing for another school the next time he suits up on the basketball court, according to local news outlets.

This comes as no shock to Bearcats fans as there have been rumblings throughout the preseason that things had gone sour with Strickland. And of course you'll remember he was suspended just last month for "conduct unbecoming of a Bearcat." (still no elaboration publicly on what that was for)

On the surface, this probably won't effect the Bearcats too much this season as Strickland was likely the last option off a fairly deep bench. But the center position is one the Bearcats actually need depth this year in order to spell Octavius Ellis and Coreontae DeBerry.

Cronin's only quote on Strickland's transfer: "We wish Jamaree the best going forward."

We'll let you know what school he ends up going to as soon as we know for sure.