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CeCe Jefferson Is On Campus In Cincinnati

The recruitment of the Florida native has been the subject of much breathless hyperventilating and hours spent on Photoshop. He is also actually on campus today, a thought that seemed laughable when it was first broached.

Make no mistake about it, the Bearcats are still a long shot in this recruiting battle. Getting him out of the SEC or Florida in general is going to be a herculean task. That being said this staff can put in the work, and UC has a lot to offer.

A brand name coach in Tommy Tuberville, an impressive recent history of sending defensive linemen to the NFL where they have had success, and instant playing time available next year. With only Silverberry Mouhon and Mark Wilson returning with any meaningful experience. But as discussed previously, Silverberry and Wilson are both natural weak side players while Jefferson is a strong side guy. UC also has Mike Boone a burgeoning star for the Bearcats at running back who happens to be Jefferson's cousin and best friend. Their relationship was described by one of the recruiting services as being like brothers.

There is so much that goes into recruiting, especially with a guy like CeCe who isn't very public or vocal about where he could be heading. He has kept his entire process very, very quiet. You can dismiss the notion that this is a visit just to spend time with Mike Boone and see a new place. Jefferson's mother and father are in town and will be in attendance for the Houston game. Its a little known fact that with football recruiting visits that one parent can fly on the universities dime. If UC was not being considered seriously I don't think both of his parents would be here.

The Bearcats are still long odds to get this done, but in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas, I am saying that there is a chance.