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Cincinnati Bearcats To The Military Bowl To Face Virginia Tech

as reported earlier (with a typo) the Cincinnati Bearcats will indeed be heading to Anapolis to play the Virginia Tech Hokies In the Military Bowl.

Paul Frederiksen-USA TODAY Sports

I like this match up, I really, really like this match up for the Bearcats. Virginia Tech is a program that the Bearcats have had a lot of match ups with in recent seasons. The Bearcats and the Hokies have played three times since 2005, including another match up in a bowl game. UC is 1-2 in those games, but all of them have been relatively tight and taught affairs. I like the Virginia Tech fan base and think that their online combined social media presence is one of the more engaging and entertaining groups that you can find. All of which means that I am really going to enjoy this month or so of build up.

I also think that the match up is going to be an interesting one on the field. Like so many of the Bearcats games this season it will be a match up between a good offense (the Bearcats) and a good defense (VaTech) contrasted with a match up between a bad defense (UC) and a bad offense (VT). Those have in general produced low scoring and tense affairs, which is good for the neutral and, of late, the Bearcats.