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Bearcats Advance To AAC Semi Finals With 61-58 Win Over UCF

The Bearcats played about 25 good minutes today, UCF played all 40. The difference in effort and energy level made this game far closer than anyone expected.

Joe Murphy

On two different ocassions the Cincinnati Bearcats built double digit leads over the Knights of UCF. Once in the first half, once in the second. In both instances the Bearcats were one two or three minute spurt of effective play away from effectively sealing the case. Both chances went begging and the Bearcats were left to sweat out another dogy game against an opponent they should have beaten handily.

Once this was a game in the second half one adjustment from Donnie Jones made the Bearcats sweat. The Knights went to that staple of CYO leagues across the country to stifle Sean Kilpatrick's touches, the Box and One. UC seemed powerless against the scheme, one you can be damn sure will be making more and more apperances as this season progresses.

This is March, and just as much credit is given to teams who survive as those that win. The Bearcats survived tonight, and await the winner of Memphis and UConn tomorrow night.