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Elijah Stewart Will Visit Oklahoma State

After visiting the Bearcats a week ago Stewart is going to make a visit to Stillwater to check in with Travis Ford and the Cowboys.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys are in the market for a scoring wing because Jared Terrell, a brief Bearcats target asked for and was granted his release from the letter of intent that he signed during the early signing period. When Stewart was granted his release from Loyola Marymount the Cowboys were one of the first schools to be linked with Stewart. The prognosticators over at 247 sports currently tip the Cowboys to land Stewart over USC and the Bearcats.

Obviously the hope for the Bearcats was to have Stewart commit shortly after his visit with the Bearcats, a visit that he enjoyed by all accounts. For whatever reason that did not happen. The Cowboys are surely going to pull out all the stops this weekend (cue Sports Illustrated joke)(Sadly laugh at Sports Illustrated joke). Its not hard to see why OSU would be enticing, they play a frenetic brand of ball, Stillwater is a one stoplight town, but it is a fun one stoplight town. You also can't dismiss the closer proximity to his hometown. Stewart has been in Los Angeles for at least the last two years, but he is a native of De Ridder, Louisiana. De Ridder is in no way close to Oklahoma State, its just closer than it is to Cincinnati. That could make a difference.

The question of the moment for Mick Cronin is how long does he wait for Stewart to reach his conclusion. If he is still unsure after this weekend it wouldn't be that surprising to see Mick politely bow out and move on to the next level options like Lyrik Shreiner or Farad Cobb.