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Bill Koch: Mick Cronin Close To Signing Extension

According to the Cincinnati's Enquirer's Bill Koch Mick Cronin is on the verge of signing a 7 year extension to his current deal.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Now we have heard this before not too long ago, but a lot of things have happened in the interim, and there has been no shortage of rumored drama and tension behind the scenes between Mick Cronin and new athletic director Mike Bohn. But if Mick signs that is obviously a huge, and hugely positive development for the Bearcats.

That contract has been on offer for a while from the UC brass, and yet Mick hasn't signed because of some contentious points of disagreement. His recruiting budget, where the Bearcats will play, the salaries of his assistants and the seemingly unending preferential status of the Football program over the basketball. Most of those issues predate Mike Bohn, but the seeming unwillingness of Bohn to address them immediately to Mick's satisfaction has been a problem, but hopefully one that is behind us.