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Bearcat Freshman Profile: Keith Minor

Keith Minor is the first native texan to be a Bearcat in a long time, since at least 2002, and probably longer than that. So what are the Bearcats getting with Minor, other than inroads into Johnny Manziel's hometown?

The Essentials

  • High School: Chapel Hill, Tyler Texas
  • Position: Defensive Tackle
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 240
  • Consensus Rank*: 77 (**)

* As determined by 24/7 sports composite algorithm which combines and weights the rankings of 24/7, Rivals, Scout and ESPN to come up with one number.

It goes without saying that a 240 pound defensive tackle is going to have a year or two sitting, watching a building himself up as a defensive tackle, and that is where Minor is headed this season without a doubt. But there will be a spot for him down the road.

His game right now is predicated on speed and quickness, of both he has an ample supply. He routinely beats the lineman tasked with blocking him to the point of attack. He doesn't really have a go to pass rushing move other than "be faster than everyone else," which is a pretty great move to have.  He is something of a project for the coaching staff, but its not really a multi part project. Its really more of a question that comes from an assumption.

The assumption is that after two years of nutrition and a college strength and conditioning program Minor will be able to put on 40 or 50 pounds which would put in the 280 to 290 pound range. The  question is whether he will be able to keep the first step quickness and speed that defines his game and align that with a more powerful frame to hold up against college double teams in the run game. If Minor can do that he is a potential front line contributor in two or three years. In a class that is pretty set with more prototypical defensive tackles like Cortez Broughton and Ja`Marez Bowen, Keith Minor is a flier that the coaching staff can afford to take. If things play out to plan his upside is immense, if not they have at the minimum a tremendous special teams contributor.