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Bearcat Freshman Profile: Cortez Broughton

The Bearcats hit Georgia for a pair of athletes in the 2014 class. The first one profiled here comes out of Warner Robins.

The Essentials

  • High School, Veterans High School, Kathleen Georgia
  • Position, Defensive Tackle
  • Height, 6'3"
  • Weight, 285
  • Consensus Rank*, 75 (**)

* As determined by 24/7 sports composite algorithm which combines and weights the rankings of 24/7, Rivals, Scout and ESPN to come up with one number

The first question, really the only question, that comes to mind after watching Broughton is how in the hell did this kid end up with just two offers? Middle Tennessee State (to whom he was originally committed) and the Bearcats. You look at the tape and what's not to like? Cortez (lets all just agree to call him Tez from here on out) has good size and a great frame, quick feet, active hands, and frankly shocking athleticism for a 280 pound kid. He played as a strong side end, a one technique tackle and as a three technique tackle. How did this kid playing one of the hardest positions to recruit, from the fourth largest combined statistical area in a state that produces more college football players than any other* fall so completely off the radar. It's a baffling to me that a kid this talented wouldn't recruited basically at all.

*Save Texas, Florida and California

Usually when a guy with this much self evident talent is this under recruited it comes back to some combination of grades and disciplinary issues. But that is not the case with Broughton, he was a 3.0 student at Veterans High School and he is coming to UC to study engineering. By all accounts he was a model citizen as well. The fact that the school opened in 2010 might have something to do with it being slightly off the beaten path in a hotly contested recruiting area.

But whatever, he is a Bearcat now, and I am thrilled with that because he has a bright future with the Bearcats. He could probably use a redshirt year, and some extended time on a nutritional plan and with the weights. But he has the tools to be a contributor for the Bearcats, I just don't think that it will likely be this year. A red shirt season is probably in order, but he will have a chance to be a big contributor starting in 2015.