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Cincinnati Bearcats Training Camp Round Up

Catching up on the training camp news.

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

-- There doesn't seem to be any limit to what can be accomplished with a GoPro. The lesson taught via this ride along with Senior outside linebacker Nick Temple.

-- Case in point, this aerial tour of Camp Higher Ground in West Harrison, Indiana.

-- Fun fact of the day, the field turf at camp higher ground is actually the old surface from Nippert Stadium. Not the one that was replaced ahead of last season, but the turf that was on the field before the Bearcats even moved into the Big East.

-- Chad Brendel and Tim Adams of Bearcat Journal have a pretty good recap of the first day of contact.

-- The big topic, the kicking game. Tim Adam's read on the situation is that Andrew Gantz and Sam Geraci have leads over the incumbents Tony Miliano and Sam Geraci. Gantz having the edge is in line with what I have heard about the place kicking battle, but I didn't know that Sam Geraci has been that good. In fact the other day I predicted that Lloyd would keep his job. Looks like I missed on that one.

-- Good to hear that Jake Golic is going to contribute this year. I had no idea what to expect out of him this year, but the expectations weren't high. Anything he can give the Bearcats would be a huge bonus.

-- J.J. Pinckney (#14) is just impossibly large for a corner. He towers over everyone at his position, he is just a freshman and we have no idea if he can play yet, but his potential is massive.

-- The Bearcats tight ends, like everyone else on campus, took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. They took it like champs.

-- Not immediately relevant to the topic, but LEVITICUS PAYNE is about as Florida as you can get for being from Detroit.

-- Interesting to note that it was Ralph David Abernathy IV who approached Tommy Tuberville about moving to slot receiver from running back. Tubs says the idea was kicking around in his head, but its so obviously a better way to get the most out of RDA4 in his final year.

-- Also interesting that RDA4 sees Tavon Austin as a potential model. Austin was a great wide receiver who ironically had his best game ever playing primarily as a running back. Austin is a bit faster and more elusive with the ball than RDA4 is, but there is a ton of overlap in their skill sets. Can Gran and Co do a better job of getting RDA4 the ball in spots where he has favorable matchups? Still an open question.

-- Gunner Kiel is ready to play football again, and everyone in Bearcat Nation is ready for him to play football too