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Late August Nippert Stadium Construction Update

Progress, sweet progress

With each passing week there is more and more of the structure of the west side taking shape. The footprint of the structure is easier and easier to discern. The steel framing at this particular point is done, or done enough that it no longer takes an active imagination to see the space that this structure is going to occupy.

What you can't tell just yet is just how radical the shape of the finished structure will be. At this point it looks very much like a conventional, if slightly modern building. As the construction moves onto the next level vertically we will all get a better idea of how that shape will look, and perhaps more importantly how it will fit in with its surroundings. Because this is the University of Cincinnati alot of thought was devoted to making this structure fell of a piece with CRC, the Linder Center, and the Steger Center.

Check back with Down The Drive later this week as we will hopefully have some pictures to share of the construction.