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Early August Nippert Stadium Construction Update


-- It is still weird and really exciting every time I check the webcam and can see real and measurable progress. Even then it is hard to grasp just how much larger the new addition to the Main Street skyline is going to be when it is completed in just about a year. You can probably add 40 or 50 feet to the current end of construction to get a rough estimate for how much structure is going to cantilevered out over Bearcat Plaza. This thing is just massive.

-- The third (and final) core has been poured. Over the next few days the prefabricated wall sections will start to go up as the structural steel starts to round the curve.

-- The west concourse seems to be as wide as the amazon compared to how it was before.

-- Still radio silence on the East Side of the project

-- Mike Bohn still has no idea what to do with his hands.