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From the Video Vault: Week 7 - BYU

Only Cincinnati can stop the 2015 National Hip Hop Dance Champion BYU Cougars.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Time to sober up from last Thursday night's high.

From the video vault this week, we learn that our Friday night opponent, Brigham Young University, is the epicenter of hip hop culture in 2015. Not the Bronx, not Queensbridge, not Miami, not South Los Angeles, not Atlanta. But Provo, Utah.

I learned from Youtube that the BYU dance team won the 2015 Hip Hop Team Dance National Championship at the NCAA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship.

If the freshest dance crew in all of hip-hop hails from the mean streets of Provo, Utah, then clearly the genre as a musical and cultural form is in its death throes.