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Let's Play a Game of "What if": Chaos Coming for College Football Playoff?

Sure, Cincinnati isn't in the discussion for the College Football Playoff, but that doesn't mean we can't play a big game of "what if". Plus, it's fun.

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What if...

We all ask this everyday of our lives and when it comes to the crazy sport of college football there is nothing more fun to think about.

So now we take a look at what could happen on the final two weeks of the College Football world and cause the upmost chaos.

Let's start with the ACC.

Clemson loses at South Carolina

Now I know South Carolina just lost to an FCS opponent, there is no old ball coach on the sidelines, and this team seems all but lost, looking like a deer in the headlights. But we all know what "Clemsoning" is and we know what can happen in a heated rivalry game such as this. After all, there is one team with everything to lose and the other playing for strictly pride. If Perry Orth can get things going early and the swarming South Carolina defense can get pressure on Deshaun Watson there may be no more Dancing for Dabo Swinney.

North Carolina loses at NC State

On Halloween day we saw this North Carolina State team played Clemson and surprised a lot of people, giving Clemson a game well into the fourth quarter. We saw Jacoby Brissett put on quite a show and proved this NC State offense is a force to be reckoned with. With North Carolina coming off an overtime scare against a struggling Virginia Tech team, this North Carolina team has proven vulnerable and it's flaws were shown evident. With the state bragging rights on the line, this rivalry game could prove to be a game that throws a wrench in the ACC's playoff hopes.

ACC Championship Game: Clemson loses vs. North Carolina

So now you have a one loss Clemson team against a two-loss North Carolina team that many people believe are one of the most up and coming teams in the America. If both of these teams are coming off a loss, it adds a level of sadness and utter frustration over the game. Clemson would be playing for their playoff life hoping a one-loss ACC champ would make it in. If North Carolina can put it all together and pull off the upset it would leave the ACC champ with two losses and cause chaos.

ACC Champion: North Carolina with Two Losses

Next we move to the Big 12.

Baylor loses at TCU

A few weeks ago this game seemed like it was going to be a College Football Playoff game. Now it looks as though one of the teams have been eliminated and the other is hanging onto a playoff birth hope. With Baylor losing another quarterback, this time to a broken ankle, this game looks to be an all-or-nothing game for Baylor. A loss eliminates Baylor and with TCU seeming to find a groove at the end of their game against Oklahoma, the Horned Frogs are dangerous with this game acting as only a pride game for TCU. Unless Baylor can add another plug-and-play quarterback, it could eliminate it's self from the playoff talk.

Oklahoma loses at Oklahoma St.

Oklahoma looked mortal for the first time since the Texas game in the second half versus TCU. Oklahoma St. is coming off their first loss of the season in a game where they got seemingly manhandled. Baker Mayfield has made himself a clear Heisman candidate but was injured in the second half of the game against TCU. This game is going to be a high scoring shootout to say the least and this Oklahoma St. offense has everything it needs to challenge Oklahoma.

Big 12 Champion: Oklahoma St with One loss

Now we take a look at the big issue the SEC.

Alabama loses at Auburn

This Alabama team has proven all year that they are one of the best teams in College Football and on countless occasion have answered the bell against key opponents. Although it has been proven that Alabama does have some cracks in their armor, they have remained undefeated since stumbling against Ole Miss. There are a lot of questions about the SEC this year and the idea that some of Alabama's key wins do not look so good on paper anymore. Auburn started the season as a heavy favorite to be in the playoff hunt and now seems to have finally started to click. Coming off a win against Texas A&M and close loss against Georgia, Auburn has more than a chance at home against Alabama. The Iron Bowl is always one of the premier games in college football and this year, with Auburn having nothing to lose, who's to say another "Kick 6" isn't in the cards? If Alabama loses this game, they are eliminated from a chance to play in the SEC Championship due to the tiebreaker with Ole Miss.

Florida loses vs. Florida State

Not much needs to be said to prove that this game is going to be a good one. With Florida not being able to find any offense at all in the past few weeks and getting an overtime scare from FCS opponent Florida Atlantic, (yes, you heard correct) there are issues for this Florida team. Florida State, on the other hand, figures to provide a significant challenge, after losing to Clemson by 10 after hanging around the whole game. With quarterback Sean Maguire at the helm, Florida State seems to play as a completely different football team. Unless Jim McElwain can get his offense turned around, this game seems to be leaning toward a dominate win by Florida State.

SEC Championship Game: Florida loses vs. Ole Miss

Since the beginning of the season, Ole Miss has been a highly-touted team and thought of as one of country's best teams until a blowout loss against Florida. They followed up their loss to Florida with a loss to Memphis, but since then have had a full turn around. They have been playing well with Chad Kelly at the helm and the running game getting going. They finally look like the team that beat Alabama again and with Florida seeming to be falling apart at the seams, this game could be potentially an easy upset.

SEC Champion: Ole Miss with Three Losses

Following that up is the Pac-12.

UCLA loses at USC

USC has looked like it was in a bad Hollywood film this year. Since losing their coach, USC has turned things around, especially showing their dominance in primetime against a top-ranked Utah team. They are a team that can beat you through the air and then dominate you on the ground. UCLA has been the definition of a disappointing team with many projecting big things from a team with an early-season Heisman contender and a playoff-caliber team. They have yet to play like that. With three poor losses on their schedule and their only true, solid win coming against a Utah team which has lost luster in the past weeks, this team doesn't seem up to the test to take down a USC team on the rise.

Pac-12 Championship Game: Stanford loses vs. USC

The Cardinals have been a team no one can read. They have a stellar game on offense, shine in prime time and then turn around and struggle against a Washington State team that may be getting a little too much love. This team has a star running back, but doesn't always play to their caliber. With a USC team coming off a chance to stunningly win the Pac-12, I could see this one going to the Trojans.

Pac-12 Champion: USC with Three Losses

Don't forget about the Midwest and the Big Ten.

Michigan State loses vs. Penn State

Michigan State, coming off a season high win versus Ohio State, will have to refocus themselves and get ready for senior night. With Conner Cook's health still up in the air and Penn State having a stout run defense, this game is far from being a foregone conclusion. Christian Hackenberg is finally healthy for the first time this year and the team seems to be rallying behind it. Penn State's offense has struggled this season, but this Penn State defense is playing for keeps and could pull off the upset.

Michigan loses vs. Ohio State

Ohio State comes off a game in which they put up their worst performance since last September. Their team looked in disarray and came apart at the seams after. The Ohio State defense cannot be blamed for the loss, giving up only one pass the whole game and holding Michigan State to only 14 points. The offense, on the other hand, looked like it left it's game in Arlington, Texas last year. No one can explain what happened other than pointing fingers at play-calling, but all together, it was a horrible performance. Under Urban Meyer, Ohio State has lost once in the regular season and he followed that up with a National Title. This Michigan team, even when playing it's best, can't seem to get away from teams. Every game they play seems to come up as a nail-bitter and coming off a loss, I don't see a struggling Jake Ruddock able to pull off the upset.

Big 10 Championship: Iowa loses vs. Ohio State

The team everyone is the most confused about is this Iowa Hawkeyes team. We are two weeks from the end of the year and we know nothing. We have no true test of how good they are, other than their win over Northwestern. The offense of Iowa seems to always be able to get the win while the defense seems to play mistake free football. This team is textbook on how to win games, but they have not been tested. If Ohio State is given the opportunity to get into the Big Ten Championship, there is no way they allow themselves to get caught sleeping. We don't know much about Iowa but we do know when Ohio State plays their best they can beat anyone and I don't see Iowa beating anyone in the Big Ten Championship.

Big 10 Champion: Ohio State with One Loss

And finally the best of the rest.

Notre Dame losses at Stanford

This game is a toss up but Notre Dame does not look as good as once believed, shown clearly by back-to-back struggling wins against subpar opponents. Stanford has Notre Dame at home in a rivalry game and I think this sets up perfectly for them. With no conference implication on the line, this game sets up as a head-to-head clash with playoff implications. I think this Stanford running attack is going to give Notre Dame fits and Notre Dame's offense has just struggled nonstop. With a five turnover performance last week, I think Stanford's tough defense pulls this win out.

Notre Dame Ends Season with Two Losses

Navy loses at Houston

The game to decide who goes big boy bowling. The AAC will have it's big time game to decide who will truly be the best of five champion. With this Houston team coming off it's first loss of the season to a bad Connecticut team, they are going to want revenge. Navy's high-powered run game and option attack causes problems for anyone who plays them, but this isn't the first option attack Houston has seen and they have shut down the others this season. I think Houston squeaks this out, upsetting the Midshipmen and getting themselves into a New Year's Day Bowl.

AAC Champion: Houston with One Loss

Now the odds of all the mayhem happening are probably smaller than me winning the lottery, but the problem is there's a chance and if all this chaos occurs, I only have one question for the committee...