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Star Recruit Jeremy Larkin Looks for Back to Back State Titles

After a breakout junior season, that resulted in a commanding playoff run and eventual state championship, Larkin continued his dominance throughout his senior season and looks for another state championship.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

2,584 rushing yards, 38 touchdowns, championship run. All three are products, seemingly straight out of a video game, from Jeremy Larkin's junior year at Cincinnati LaSalle. With expectations growing higher into his senior year, many assumed he could not go any higher, but he will have his team back in the state championship on Friday night.

Senior Highlights:

Strengths: Larkin is a very rare talent as he is a complete running back already as a senior in high school. He can run and catch the ball equally as well, showing the ability to even move to the slot against bigger and slower linebackers. He is very elusive, never being brought down by the first tackler and rarely by the second or third man. He has the uncanny ability to be patient within the hole for a young back, instead of running into the back of his own lineman. He often waits for a cut back that he finds with his exceptional vision.

Weaknesses: He has never been asked to pass block so that may present itself as a concern when he is asked to stay in for pass protection on third down. Also, I would describe his speed as quick rather than fast, occasionally gets caught from behind by defensive backs.

Projection: Honestly, Larkin has the potential the start right away for the Bearcats. As a back that can be involved in the passing game early, he will be a prime target for playing time as a true freshman. He could also contribute in any special team areas of need on the roster.

Outlook: Look out and hang on. Cincinnati hopes to keep bigger programs out of the picture as signing day approaches and keep the homegrown product within Cincinnati.