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Cincinnati Basketball: Mick Cronin Postgame Press Conference (Temple)

Head coach Mick Cronin shared his thoughts on yesterday's upset loss to Temple. A "lack of toughness" was a focal point.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Mick Cronin didn't hold back when providing his initial thoughts following yesterday's disappointing home loss to the Temple Owls, opening American Athletic Conference play.

Cronin sights a lack of toughness as the key difference this season for the 10-4 Bearcats, who have now fallen to Butler, Xavier, Iowa State and Temple. The list of losses doesn't look bad, with Xavier still undefeated and Butler and Iowa State both ranked in the Top 25 nationally, but Cincinnati's defense has fallen off this season and the 77 points allowed to the Owls yesterday reinforced that point, after the Bearcats allowed 81 to Iowa State last week.

The call for harder play from Cronin also came with some comments about practice intensity and a general lack of urgency from the Bearcats. The lack of urgency has been apparent on game days as well, with Cincinnati struggling out of the gate for many of their games this season.

Troy Caupain and Octavius Ellis also offered their thoughts at the end of the below video. Caupain led the Bearcats with 19 points and seven assists against Temple. Ellis secured seven rebounds off the bench with Coreontae DeBerry and Jacob Evans III starting in place of Ellis and Shaq Thomas.

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