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Gamethread: Bearcats @ Cougars

The Cincinnati Bearcats are stalling near the finish line, and they're hoping a trip to warm, sunny Houston might defrost their engines.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Five regular season games remain. The Bearcats are currently on the right side of the NCAA Tournament bubble, but a loss to Houston tonight will move them to the wrong side faster than you can throw your remote through your TV.

First things first - freshman forward Quadri Moore is back:

And now for the bad news. It looks like redshirt freshman guard Deshaun Morman didn't make the trip:

Never a dull moment in Bearcat land...

I look for the Bearcats to come out tough tonight; ready to go from the jump. Scrappy. Desperate. Turning Houston over and converting on the offensive end. It might not be pretty, but is it ever?