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Cincinnati Bearcats Look To Build Momentum Against Central Florida

According to most NCAA tournament expects the Cincinnati Bearcats have been on the right side of the bubble for almost the entire season. A three game losing streak, UC's first since late February 2013 didn't change that status, but it did shrink the Bearcats margin for error to essentially zero, That's the context for the Bearcats game with a suddenly feisty UCF squad

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Say it with me know, the Bearcats can't afford to have another bad loss. Make no mistake about it, losing to Central Florida (RPI #207) would classify as a bad loss. Even though the Knights are currently playing pretty decent basketball*'currently the RPI doesn't really forget that for most of the season the Knights have been below average at best.

*For more on that see Justin's post from earlier today here.

UC has the unfortunate habit of playing to the level of their opponents. More accurately the Bearcats have the habit of playing below the level of their opponent in the first half before flipping the switch at halftime; presumably after Larry Davis yells whatever Mick Cronin tells him to yell at the guys.

That is the MO during conference play, and that is presumably what we will see tonight. That is a problem with a UCF team that has knocked off Houston and Tulane, two teams that gave the Bearcats all kinds of problems in those recent games. Settle in guys, this one feels a bit bumpy.