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Gamethread: Bearcats @ Green Wave

Revenge Tour '15

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bearcats head to N'awlins this weekend to take on the Tulane Green Wave, and I couldn't be happier about it. The 'Cats have fared well, so far, in must-win games as they capitalized on the road against Houston and at home versus UCF.

All of the bracket pundits have UC in the tournament as of right now. A loss to Tulane would change that.

And, in my opinion, the only way they lose to the Green Wave today is if they spent too much time on Bourbon Street prior to the contest.

"If a team came into your home court and beat you on a last-second buzzer, if you can’t get ready to play against them, we’ve probably got some guys that need heart monitors, I would think," said interim head coach Larry Davis.

That quote is partly why I feel so good about today's contest. The other part is that Tulane just isn't all that good. The first one was a fluke; this one won't be.