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Cincinnati Bearcats and Tulsa GameThread

Game of the year (of the week)

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We can call a spade a spade, this is a massively important game for both of these teams. Neither team will see their NCAA tournament hopes crash to the floor with a loss tonight. But dropping this game will make the road to assuring themselves of a birth in the dance becomes a little bit harder, and the margin for error will shrink considerably.

When you look at how the Bearcats have performed in these kind of games in recent years you should take some heart. For whatever reason in this era of Cincinnati Bearcats basketball these guys get the games that they have to have. Think of the road trip to SMU earlier this year. When they have to these guys can raise their game to another level.

They have to do so tonight against a Tulsa team that desperately needs quality wins on their resume to assure themselves of a ticket to the dance. These are two teams that aren't desperate, not yet. but the importance of this contest is not lost on either of them. That should make for a fascinating game.

Go Bearcats