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Cincinnati Bearcats Reveal New Volleyball and Soccer Uniforms

Men's and women's soccer and volleyball get their Under Armour makeovers.

@GoBearcats via Twitter

We have already spent some time with the snazzy Under Armour football uniforms, but how about some soccer and volleyball love?

First off, I love these soccer kits. It just goes to show, yet again, that Cincinnati has an incredibly favorable set of school colors to work with. I'm going to have to get me one of those red jerseys. I am also a big fan of the volleyball uniforms, even if they are incredibly similar to the football outfits. They stick to the theme that Under Armour is running with and, frankly, I'm not tired of that theme.

The start of fall sports is nearly upon us. It sure will be fun to see all these new uniforms in action and we can all hold our collective breath in anticipation for the basketball uniform unveiling.