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NCAA Tournament Final Four Rooting Guide

It is finally down to the four best teams in the county.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four Preview Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

We are now heading into the final three games of March Madness the stakes are obviously high. The Final Four includes No. 1 seeds North Carolina and Gonzaga, No. 3 seed Oregon and No. 7 seed South Carolina. The tournament has been filled with busted brackets, big upsets and plenty of highlight reel worthy moments, including a buzzer beater or two. Hopefully the Final Four brings us the same type of action. Both Final Four games will take place on Saturday and I will tell you all who I am rooting for. You should follow suit.

No. 1 Gonzaga vs. No. 7 South Carolina

Region/Location: East and West/University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Time/Channel: 6:09 p.m./CBS

Line: Gonzaga -7

I am heavily pulling for the South Carolina Gamecocks in this game. I myself had the Gamecocks losing in the secnd round of the tournament but they have absolutely shocked the country. I am 100 percent in on this Cinderella story and even more, I love the idea of an all Carolina National Championship game. Go Gamecocks

Editor’s note: With their defensive intensity and out of nowhere feel, Cincinnati fans should all see a little something of themselves in the Gamecocks. We pledge our full support.

No. 1 North Carolina vs. No. 3 Oregon

Region/Location: Midwest and South/University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona

Time/Channel: 8:49 p.m./CBS

Line: UNC -4.5

My gut tells me to go with North Carolina in this game. I like the idea of Oregon, who was a bit under the radar going into the tournament, winning a title but I had the Tar Heels winning the championship in all of my brackets. Also, like I stated before, I would very much like a North Carolina vs. South Carolina game for the National Title. Although this one is a bit more of a toss up, I'm pulling for the Tar Heels.

Editor’s note: An all Carolina final would be interesting, but the who wants to root for chalk (other than Alex?). Like our author said, this is a toss up, but I say quack, quack, quack.