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Bearcats in the Big Leagues: Multi-Hit Game in Blowout Loss for Harrison

Josh Harrison went 3-for-5! But his team got crushed.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Colorado Rockies Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Harrison

Sunday’s performance from Harrison was an excellent examination of how traditional batting statistics and analytical ones clash. The Pirates’ infielder went 3-for-5 with a double and a run scored in Sunday’s 13-3 loss to the Colorado Rockies. The three-hit game was his third of the month and second in his last five appearances. However, despite a multi-hit game, Harrison actually posted a negative WPA (win probability added) of -.006. But if wRC+ is more your speed, then Harrison was excellent, accruing a total of 277, which is only his fourth game of July with a mark above 100. As the MLB trade deadline approaches, Harrison has an overall slash line of .277/.355/.432 so the price a team would have to pay to wrench him away, assuming the Pirates are sellers, is still going to be a hefty bit.

Ian Happ

Happ’s team is surging. The defending World Series champions Chicago Cubs have pulled even with the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the NL Central by winning eight of nine games since the All-Star Break. A series win over the Cardinals this past weekend was the latest success story, but Happ didn’t really play a major hand in the two victories. On Sunday he went 0-for-3, finishing the series up with a 1-for-8 success rate. He added a WPA of -.037 to the cause in Sunday’s 5-3 victory. While the Cubs are rattling off wins, Happ is only slashing .233/.281/.300 since the break.

Connor Walsh

Walsh did not pitch on Sunday and has been off since July 19.

Ryan Atkinson

Atkinson was also on the shelf on Sunday as he rests up from his strong start on Friday.