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Bearcats in the Big Leagues: Harrison Might Not Get Traded After All

Plus Ian Happ steals some bases.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at San Francisco Giants Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Harrison

Perhaps the biggest news, at least in relation to Harrison’s future, had nothing to do with the Pirates and their 11-3 loss to the Giants on Tuesday night. Well, that’s not exactly true, as the Giants played into it. The Red Sox, who were one of the primary teams attached to trade rumors for Harrison due to his ability to play third base, made a trade with the Giants, sending two minor league pitchers in exchange for Eduardo Nunez.

What does that have to do with Harrison? Well, the fact that Boston has made a deal for an infielder means the market for Harrison’s services has shrunk as the MLB trade deadline approaches. While it was already probably a long shot that Harrison would get traded anyway, it now is even less likely.

Now back to the baseball.

Perhaps the Red Sox will regret their decision to trade for Nunez if Harrison continues hitting like he has the last three days. The Pirates might have lost by a lot on Tuesday but Harrison went 2-for-3, marking his third-straight multi-hit game and third-straight with a wRC+ above 100. It was the first time since May 24-26 that Harrison has had more than one hit in at least three consecutive games. July may have started off slowly for the former Bearcat, but he is closing it out nicely.

Ian Happ

We all know that Happ has some wheels and can snag a bag or two. He went with the latter option on Tuesday, stealing two bases in a 7-2 win over the Chicago White Sox. Happ has only five steals overall this season but it was good to see that his speed hasn’t evaporated. As for the hitting part of the equation, Happ went just 1-for-5 and was hit by a pitch. The 274 wRC+ he posted was inflated by his work on the basepaths and was the first mark above 100 he has recorded since July 17.

Connor Walsh

After being held out of the Birmingham Barons’ 9-4 loss to the Chattanooga Lookouts on Tuesday, Walsh has not pitched in six days.

Ryan Atkinson

Atkinson also hasn’t pitched in a few days, but as a starter, he has just been resting for his next start, which should be tonight.