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Bearcats Return To Rutgers, Land Of Opportunity/Nightmares

For the second straight season the Cincinnati Bearcats will go into a crucial mid November contest with Rutgers with the Bearcats chances for an outright conference championship on the line, more or less. The stakes aren't nearly as high this year, the Bearcats need a lot of help, but this is a fixture that hasn't been kind to UC recently.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

From 2006 through 2010 this was a game the Bearcats dominated time and again. But the tide turned the last two years as Rutgers limited the Bearcats to 6 points. Six points in two games is something of a low for this era of Cincinnati football, doubly so considering that the Cats put up 37 per game when winning five in a row.

This will be the last time that the Bearcats will play Rutgers for the foreseeable future, and going out with a win would be a great close to the series as far as UC is concerned. Getting a win won't be easy, but the defense Rutgers has is several levels below what they put on the field for the past couple of years.

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