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Kneejerk Reaction - South Florida

LFrom top to bottom that was one of the strangest games I have ever seen. I watch a lot of Football, in the past 10 years I would estimate that I have watched well over 800 games. The end of this years LSU Tennessee game was certainly the strangest ending since probably the Oklahoma Oregon replay controversy game back in 2006. But taking into account the way these teams were playing coming in, where they were presumed to be headed, and where they are now. I have never seen a game play out this strangely from the start to the end It is impossible to take away and over arching meme for either team. There were so many statistical anomalies, so many strange occurrences it is hard to think that anything that happen in the flow of play today will happen again for either team the rest of the year. A sampling of the insanity.

  • B.J. Daniels came into the game with a QB rating of 104.52 his rating tonight? Nearly triple that, 272.65.
  • USF had the number 18 ranked passing defense in the country, giving up just 167 yards per game. Tonight they gave up triple that. 512 yards through the air
  • USF was giving up just 301 yards per game, they gave up 590 tonight
  • UC committed 12 penalties tonight, double the season average of 6. The first double digit penalty game in two years
  • Marcus Barnett, Armon Binns and D.J. Woods all went over 100 yards tonight.
  • Bones had more yards tonight than the Bulls secondary allowed per game coming in. Binns was 9 yards from matching the feat.
  • Bones also matched his season total for catches with 8. He averaged 14 yards a game.
  • Tonight was the first time all year that the UC D came out of a sudden change situation with a defensive stop. Picks usually equal points on this defense.
  • USF had more rushing TD's tonight, 3, than they averaged per rush, 2.6
  • Chazz Anderson coming in for the final drive was a bit abrupt.
  • The UC offense committed 10 of those 12 penalties in the process of rolling up nearly 600 yards of total offense.

Like I said this was just a weird, weird game.