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Pay Attention - South Florida

As always there are a couple of things that I am paying attention to tonight.

  • Turnovers, from now until the end of the year turnovers will determine games above all else. The offensive line is stabilized, the offense can, and will, rev up throughout the the course of a game. If they take care of the Football this should be a win. USF is in a world of hurt offensively, so UC can't give them short fields.
  • The nickle package. This is still the best unit UC can put on the field defensively. Because of Louisville's two TE tendencies there wasn't much of it last week. USF barely has TE's on the roster so that is not an issue.
  • USF is a good defense and will be a challenge, but they aren't great. They don't do anything well enough for me to consider them great.
  • Isaiah Pead is still a man on fire. 511 yards in the last three games. If he gets going like that in this one USF is going to have a hard time keeping up.
  • The secondary, Wes Richardson is back, but there are still a ton of young guys. B.J. Daniels throws interceptions like, well, I don't know. I can't find an appropriate metaphor for the way he throws INT's. it's uncanny. Point being, UC has picked just two balls this season, which is bad. If they don't get at least one off Daniels I will be disappointed.