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Basketball Early Signing Period

Today is the early signing period for Basketball class of 2011. Right now UC has four prospects committed, Shaquille Thomas, Jermaine Sanders, Ge'Lawn Guyn, and Octavius Ellis, A.K.A. Doc Oc. As of right now my understanding is that Guyn, and Sanders have sent in their LOI's with Ellis and Thomas expected to do so later today. This is a good class for UC, they add some very talented perimeter slasher types in Sanders and Thomas, a good combo guard in the form of Guyn and a very gifted defender and rebounder with a surprising knack for finding his spots on offense. Scout also likes the class that Cronin has put together, giving it honorable mention status in its breakdown of the top classes, roughly in the 25 to 35 area. There is also a pretty good shot that Jeremiah Davis who is signing at the weekend could be headed to Clifton. If that comes to pass it would give UC three top 150 recruits, according to Rivals at least. One thing that has to be mentioned when talking about this particular class is the impact that Darren Savino has had on recruiting in his brief time since being added to the staff in mid July. There is no way that Sanders or Thomas are members of this class for UC if Savino isn't in Clifton, well done coach Savino. Youtubes for all after the jump.

Octavius Ellis - PF - 6'8" 185 - Memphis

Ge'Lawn Guyn - SG - 6'3" 180 - South Kent, CT via Wolfeboro, NH and Bowling Green, KY

Bonus Guyn

Jermaine Sanders - 6'4" 205 - SF - New York

surprisingly I can't find a good mix tape featuring Sanders, but there is a decent interview here.

Shaquille Thomas - 6'6" 165 - Newark, NJ