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Deionte Buckley 1st Commit to the Bearcats

Butch Jones is and co are on the board for the class of 2012 with Indianapolis Warren Central High School's Deionte Buckley. There is no public link available, but if you are a rivals subscriber the complete story is here. Buckley doesn't have a ton of offers, his only other one came from Western Michigan. But it is early in the process. What I do know is that Warren Central pumps out more BCS prospects, more consistently, than just about anyone in that state. Regardless of all that this is a solid get for Butch Jones. UC recruited a ton of quarkbacks in the last class, only Jameel Poteat has so called traditional measurements. Everyone else is in the 5'5" 160 or 170 range. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you recruit a lot of guys like that there is a need for a bigger change of pace. That is the role that Deionte Buckley will fill. He is a 5'9" 200 pound thumper. What I really like about him though is his feet. For a bigger back he has great, great feet.