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May 13th Jump Off

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Bearcat News

Cincinnati Bearcats spring wrap - Big East Blog - ESPN
Spring wrap from Brian Bennett

University of Cincinnati Official Athletic Site
UC is in the Big East/SEC challenge. Opponent will be Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Alabama or Auburn.

Schneider Falls To Cullen Jones In Swim Off - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Former Bearcat Josh Schneider just misses the cut for the US national team.

State-Of-The-Art Vision Program Benefiting UC Baseball - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
I find this entire process to be fascinating.

Goodie’s Corner Season 2 Episode 1: Interview With Anthony Hoke "
The Wizard a.k.a. Dom Goodman catching up with Anthony Hoke his former, now current, teammate with the Cleveland Gladiators.

Around The Big East

How Robert Sands Fits In With The Cincinnati Bengals - The Smoking Musket
For the Bengals fans amongst us.

Rutgers football spring practice: final defense grades - On the Banks
On the Banks gives out some grades for the Rutgers Defense, post spring.

Facilities are nice, but titles are goal : U of L Card Game
pretty interesting.

Your vote: Big East coaches who need wins - Big East Blog - ESPN
Hey Butch Jones, no pressure.

Your vote: Surprise Big East teams in 2011 - Big East Blog - ESPN
UC is a nominee for the surprise team in the Big East. There are five nominees. That says a lot.

Nationally Recognized

Bill Simmons: Phil Jackson and his aching body no longer need the NBA grind - ESPN
A starling look at the life and times of Phil Jackson.

Maradona with a nice free kick and a comical dive in Chechnya - Dirty Tackle - World Soccer Blog - Yahoo! Sports
I show you that so that I can show you this. Keep an eye on the guy in the light blue polo about a minute into the video.

Maradona sniffs greatness... (via Buckleythewonderdog)

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Hard Times on the Menu at a West Virginia Bus Terminal — Weirton Journal -
I have been to Weirton exactly once in my life. I didn't care for it.