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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 18th

Some notes from Butch Jones the long and short of it is that all but two of the spots open to competition has been filled. There is QB which has been discussed without end. The other spot up for grabs is right guard. No one has any clue who will win that job. On defense though the four spots up for grabs are no longer up for grabs. Jordan Stepp and Camaron Beard are the starting DT's. Solomon Tentman is the new MLB and Arryn Chenault has emerged as the starting strong safety. The biggest task left is developing depth in fall camp.

Derek Wolfe is taking the first roung projections in stride which is good. Wolfe made the decision to come back for his senior year instead of entering the draft last year with maybe a 15 dollars in his bank account. Safe to say the decision has worked out for him. He is the perfect fit for a 3-4 team in need of a defensive end. That's why Kieper's projection makes sense. He has him going to the Patriots, anyone who watched the Super Bowl knows that they need defensive line help. Derek Wolfe can give it to them.

Video(s) of Interest

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Bearcats Nation takes a look at the non conference schedule...Football season ticket stories...wrapping up the women's tennis season heading into Big East play...Men's Soccer season highlights no idea why this is posted now....Baseball Falls to No. 2 Kentucky and falls to 12 and 24 on the year...let's all laugh at Xavier...Texas A&M excels at geography...Oh my god college students smoke weed? Surely not...Melo went off last night sorry if you didn't get to watch that...In an unsurprising development Tyler, the Creator is kind of a dick...

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