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Bearcat Bits for May 17th

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USA Today put out their annual report on the revenues and expenses of all public institutions and it doesn't exactly look great for the Bearcats. The revenue shortfall this year was just under a million dollars, which is actually a big improvement over last year where the shortfall was closer to 2.5 million. The problem is the same. Not enough revenue from ticket sales and not enough donor contributions. Keep in mind that the reporting numbers for this year are from the last of the Mike Thomas era. It will be interesting to see how these numbers change now that there is an actual Athletic Director in the top office.

The simple truth is that Cincinnati is behind the 8 ball fiscally, and will continue to be so until something is done to make Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena generate more revenue. That means a big bet on the future and a massive outlay of capital that the Department doesn't have, not now at least.

Video of Interest

Community season finale tonight. Watch it.

Et Cetera

Cashmere Wright and Darren Davino where honored by the Governor earlier this week...former Bearcat great Phil Wheeler has died at 79...the baseball team wraps up a disappointing season starting with a series today against Georgetown...two Bearcat greats are being added to the rolls at the Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame...the Football team is having an open house on June 5th, a Tuesday, from 6 to 8....Florida State isn't leaving the ACC for the Big 12 for now... A fascinating look at Hong Kong 15 years after the handover.

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