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Mammoth Offensive Lineman Eason Fromayan Pledges Bearcats

Butch Jones got a good linemen tonight  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Butch Jones got a good linemen tonight (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

One of the draw backs of having a proper job, or at least a retail job is that when new happens late in the day you miss it. That is what happened today with the commitment of Eason Fromayan a massive offensive linemen from Alpharetta GA, in Suburban Atlanta.

Fromayan stands 6'5" weighs (for now) 280 pounds and has the frame to add 30 or more if needed. Honestly he looks thin for 280 pounds. When looking at offensive linemen and projecting them to the college there are really only two things that matter. Flexibility, particularly in the hips and ankles, and footwork. A good line coach can teach hand placement and perfect technique but without flexibility and footwork a prospect is effectively dead in the water. Froyman checks both boxes.

I also think that he projects well to the Bearcats zone blocking system because that is what he has played with in High school. The basics of zone blocking never changes, the only thing that changes is the technique which tends to get more refined as you move up the ladder. I don't know if Fromayan will stick at tackle at UC or move inside to guard. The only real knock I have from the film out there is that he doesn't seem to have the super long arms prototypical of the classic Left Tackle. But really that is something you can only pick up in person at close range. A great start to the Bearcats offensive line class this year.