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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 24 Trent Cole


Defensive Line | Letters 2002-04

Trent Cole is a freak. He is possibly the freakiest freak who ever freaked in a Bearcats uniform. His nickname within the program was "Scrap Iron" which is easily the coolest nick name in Bearcats Football history, though Munchie Legaux obviously has a shot. What made Cole so unique for Cincinnati was the single minded way he played the game.

He wanted to get to the quarterback and he wanted to inflict pain upon whichever poor soul happened to be holding the ball. Nothing really personifies that more than him starting 8 games as a freshmen. At DT. Weighing 227 pounds. He was simply too good for Rick Minter and Defensive Line coach to leave him off the field. After that freshman season Cole moved to defensive end and created massive havoc. Cole left UC with top three marks in sacks (18.5) and Tackles For Loss (48) and is one of the most disruptive defensive linemen in UC's history.

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