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Cincinnati Bearcats Top Carleton University 77-63 In Exhibition Opener

The Ravens boast one of the strongest teams North of the Border. The nine time Canadian National champions pushed the Bearcats throughout the game, but the Bearcats depth showed up in the second half and allowed the Bearcats to notch the win.

Eileen Blass-USA TODAY Sports

This game was no thing of beauty. It was brutal and sluggish and hard to watch. That was expected in the first game of the year against a team that is disciplined and effective, in Canada at least. But the new rules made for a lurching disjointed viewing experience. Flow was merely a concept, not something that showed up at all. Still, there are things to like.

  • Sean Kilpatrick seems to have benefited greatly from his World University Games experience. Looked much more assertive and commanding than he did a year ago
  • Justin Jackson is noticeably bigger, still plays close to the edge
  • Titus Rubles didn't shoot a single three pointer

None of this stuff really matters, its fodder for the media machine. But getting a read on this team will be impossible until the North Carolina State game is played. NC State might not be a world beater, but that game will still tell us something about this team.

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