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Putting Brendon Kay's Season In Historical Context

Brendon Kay was not the starter to open this season. Munchie Legaux got the nod, but when Munchie went down against Illinois Kay stepped into the fray, and he is on the verge of delivering one of the all time great seasons for a Bearcat QB. The argument is already there that if Kay has merely average games against Louisville and in the bowl he will have one of the two or three best single seasons in UC history.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In yesterday's post on Kay being named AAC player of the week I mentioned that Kay is close to completing one of the all time great single seasons in UC history. What I didn't mention is that Kay's season to great is very close to being the best in school history.

Attempts Completions Yards Touchdowns Interceptions Yards Per Attempt Rating
Greg Cook (1968) 411 219 3272 25 17 8.0 131.96
Danny McCoin (1986) 369 237 2831 13 11 7.7 134.33
Deontey Kenner (2000) 379 208 2430 14 15 6.4 113.01
Gino Guidugli (2004) 342 210 2633 26 8 7.7 146.48
Ben Mauk (2007) 386 235 3121 31 9 8.1 160.64
Tony Pike (2009) 338 211 2520 29 6 7.5 149.82
Zach Collaros (2010) 383 225 2902 26 14 7.6 137.49
Brendon Kay (2013) 319 224 2799 22 9 8.8 161.04

The numbers are very strongly in Kay's favor, particularly the efficiency numbers of yards per attempt and QB Rating. With two games to play Kay needs 35 completions, 745 yards and 10 touchdowns to come away with single season records in those categories. The completions record will almost certainly be his by the first quarter of the bowl game. The yards and touchdown records would require monster games yes, but are plausible give Kay's play of late.

So Bearcat fans who you got for the best single season for a bearcat quarterback?

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