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Tommy Tuberville Has Discovered Video Bombing

Well, this is unexpected.

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Lets be honest, the big man needs some work. First of all, Bunny Ears? Come on Tommy, what are you eight? I suppose that is what people did to ruin pictures back in his day, so I can understand it. But a gif doesn't play the same way, you need to be the heat man. This is Cincinnati, the home of the best video bombers in the world, Tubs has to bring more creativity to the plate. And please, stop smiling. Video bombing requires the same disposition as arguing with refs, smiling only hurts the cause.

I say its time to get Tubs in a room with Ryan Quinn to has out some new ideas. I think that could also be the next phase of Quinn's art form, getting UC dignitaries in on the act. You know Tubs would be down, ditto for Santa Ono, maybe even Mick Cronin too. That would extend the capabilities for Quinn, something that we should all be rooting for.

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