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Video: Eight Minutes of Cincinnati Bearcats Football Highlights from the Last Eight Years

44 days and counting.

It is really remarkable to think of how far UC has come since the start of the Mark Dantonio era. Before 2004 the UC program had exactly zero 10 win seasons, had spent a total of 4 weeks ranked in the AP poll. More than that UC had never even finished a season ranked. UC Football sort of came to define average. Since then everything has changed though.

10 win seasons have become the norm rather than the exception, the Bearcats have been in the AP poll for 39 weeks since 2007, and have finished in the final polls (AP or Coaches) in five of the last six seasons. That is quite a journey, but one that hardly ever gets discussed. Its not all that dissimilar to the Miracle in Manhattan, even though the method for each program has little in common with the next. The sports reference pages for UC and Kansas State do share a certain quality to them.

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