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Bearcats Quarterback Brendon Kay Held Out of Practice Again

The presumptive Bearcats starter is still battling soreness in his shoulder. Though at this point it has been almost a week and a half and you have to wonder if it is really that simple.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

My prevailing theory at the moment (ill informed as it likely is) is that Brendon Kay is well enough ahead of the rest that the staff is not risking him at all. They have their sights set on the Purdue game and are intending to get Kay to the Purdue game as fresh as possible.

That doesn't mean that Munchie Leguax hasn't played well, because he clearly has. But it is a bit odd that the last I heard about Kay in practice he was playing very well. Not as sharp as he was at the end of last year, but near that level.

The next thing we know he is injured and held out of practice for a week. Then Tuberville inserts the narrative that Munchie is making a run at the starting job. He very well could be, but the first person to mention that as a possibility was Tuberville, that has to mean something.

I don't doubt that Kay has been sore, not with his injury history and the fact that this is a camp setting. Nor do I doubt that Munchie has played well and revived his career by playing well for the week that Kay has been out. But the narrative that Tuberville has been low key selling, that Kay is so injured that he can't play, and that they have no choice but to prepare for Munchie to start seems very contrived. I wouldn't be shocked to see Tubs make a show of naming Munchie the starter only for Brendon to miraculously be ready to start the Purdue game.

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