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Bearcats Top Louisville 69-66

Uh, I am going to need a minute

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


(regains normal breathing rhythm)


This was a game that have everything. For the first twenty minutes the game was a pure rockfight, and those were some big damn boulders being thrown around. The Bearcats then ripped off 12 points in the opening three minutes of the second half and looked to be on the verge of blowing the Cardinals out. Then the world went on a Cardinal hued tilt.

The Bearcats melted down for the next four minutes, barely being able to get the ball over half court. In that time the Cardinals erased the Bearcats lead and the game became a tense back and forth affair for the remainder. For the last 8 minutes the Bearcats and Cardinals traded turnovers and fouls, buckets and stops until the Cardinals took their first lead since the 19:19 mark of the first half on a Russidculous 28 foot three from Russ Smith.

In past years that would have been that. The Bearcats would muddle through the rest of the game, trying to answer buckets but never being able to. But this team is different. The defense clamped down and the Cardinals went oh for the field in the final five minutes, committing a turnover to boot. The Bearcats unleashed what is turning out to be the Bearcats best offensive strategy. Drive it hard to the hoop, and play for the foul or offensive rebound. SK forced the issue got a foul and Justin Jackson got himself an impressive tip in to retake the lead. From there Kila nursed home the biggest win of the season for the Bearcats. This game had everything, including the first tangible demonstration of the growth of this team. Phenomenal win.