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Bearcats Top 10: #1 Brendon Kay

But you already knew that.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

How could number 1 be anyone but Brendon Kay?

  • 393 Attempts (4th for a single season)
  • 260 Completions (1st)
  • 3,289 Yards (2nd)
  • 66.2 Percent Completions (2nd)
  • 148.2 QB Rating (3rd)
  • 22 Touchdowns (tied 6th)
  • +10 TD/INT ratio (5th)

in statistical terms that is one of the two or three best seasons ever by a Cincinnati Bearcats quarterbacks. And he did that in a brand new system, in essentially 11 games while never being even close to healthy. His productivity and efficiency took a bit of dive as the hits piled up and his health deteriorated. But that is beside the point.

Each and every week Kay strapped it on and went to work, no matter how badly he felt. In November and December Kay was down to practicing one day a week. Just one, the rest of the time was spent studying film and getting treatment for the growing roll of injuries and ailments. That he was able to play without being able to practice more than one day a week is tremendous. That he was able to coax one of the two or three best seasons ever for a UC quarterback while his body essentially broke down in front of our eyes is amazing.

Brendon Kay, number one in our hearts and this countdown.