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Tuberville "No More Second Chances"

It seems that Tommy Tuberville has had more than enough of the Bearcats off field drama.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This from today's presser.

"Sometimes you have to put your foot down and say, listen, no more. These players represent this football team, this university and this city, and I'm not going to have it. I've had problems at other schools and everybody has problems, but when you have a sequence of problems, it kind of gets underneath your skin."

"No more second chances, bottom line. I owe it to the city, this university and this football team to put good kids on the field that are going to do what we ask them to do."

For the most part Tuberville has been very lenient with guys who have had issues with the authorities in the past. In general a player who is caught up in an off the field legal matter is off the team and suspended from team activities until the issue is resolved. Upon the resolution of legal matters said player is allowed back on the team with relative ease. That policy is apparently no more, though Tubs give himself a little bit of wiggle room by talking about circumstances.

The bottom line is that this had to be done. Just since the start of the season 6 Bearcats have been arrested. 4 on the opening weekend (for the Bearcats) of the year, and one in the wake of each of the last two wins. First Jarred Evans and now Marcus Tappan. He has already booted one player from the roster for frequent violations of team rules. Tubs didn't really have a choice, he had to make a change to his policies.